Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Shifting focus from problems in the present to achieving a better future where current difficulties are overcome, through practical and sustainable solutions.

Shaping our future

In short, Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a conversation about the details of the client’s hopes for the future. The therapist helps the client to shift their focus from the problem to their desired outcome using language and questions. It comes from the belief that the client always has hope for something better, and that humans have the capacity to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances.

Solution-Focused practitioners develop solutions by first generating a detailed description of how the client’s life will be different when the problem is gone, or their situation improved to a degree satisfactory to the client. Therapist and client then carefully search through the client’s life experience and behavioural repertoire to discover the necessary resources needed to co-construct a practical and sustainable solution that the client can readily implement.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy


Solution Focused Brief Therapy can be used with children and adults equally as well. When working with children I will incorporate play as this can help the child to relax more in the sessions which in turn can free their mind to do the important thinking that is integral to this approach.